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Professional Pro Grade Commercial LED Outdoor Christmas Lights, for Windy and Icy areas, Mini Lights, Wide Angle, C7, C9, G12 25 LED Lights per set

Buy The Best Longest Lasting L.E.D. on the Market! Typical Holiday use will bring years of Flawless Beauty and No Fuss Convenience

Commercial LED End to End Connection commercial ends Two Prong Screw Down Sealed System, Connection is 88 Set from one Outlet - One End Cord needed to connect sets to an outlet - Link is below under Accessories or Click Here

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Commercial Tree Lights

C7 Christmas Tree Lights


Commercial LED Light Strings

C9 LED Light Strings

C7 Outdoor Christmas Lights great for Commercial Tree Lights and Roof Lines, Lens Style 3/4 x 1-1/2

C9 Great for Outdoor Christmas Lights and Roof Lines, use these LED Light Strings in Areas with Wind and Ice 1-1/4 x 2-1/2 Commercial LED Lens

Commercial LED Rice Lights

Wide Angle Lens - 5mm


Outdoor Mini Lights

Mini Lights Commercial

Wide Angle Lens Commercial LED Directional Concave Rice Lights Popular for Christmas Tree Lights and Tree Trunk Wraps 1/4 Inch Lens

Commercial LED Outdoor Mini Lights, Great for Christmas Tree Lights, Christmas Wreaths and Garland 2/8 x 3/4 Lens Style

LED Christmas Tree Lighting

LED C6 Tree Lights


Outdoor Berry Lights

G12 Outdoor Berry Lights

C6 Commercial LED Light Strings are used for Christmas Tree Lighting and Roof Lines, also in Windy and Icy Areas 1/2 x 1-1/4 Lens Size

Berry Lights are great for Branch Wrapping, Tree and Wreath Lights, Outdoor Party Lights, 3/8 In G12 Commercial LED

commercial accessories



LED Home Lighting

LED Home Lighting


Accessory for Commercial LED Adaptors, Extension, End Plugs and more

LED Household Lighting, LED Flood Lights, Par LED Bulbs, Replacement Lamp Bulbs


Premium LED Mini Lights, Wide Angle Lens, C6, C7, C9 Roof Line LED Light Strings, Accessory's

Commercial Christmas Lights Great for Windy and Icy areas, Roof Lines, Tree Branch Wraps, Windows, Fences, Holiday Light Displays Super Bright Full Wave LED Saves 98% Power Consumption. Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Christmas Lights are Cool to the Touch, Connect 88 Sets End to End up to 210 Watts

Forever LED Christmas Lights

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